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For over 126 years, Drapers has helped people like you stay one step ahead. With unrivalled access to breaking news, exclusive features, trends, insight and opinions you can rely on Drapers to provide fashion business intelligence that makes a difference.

Whether it’s in print, online or on the move, Drapers is the authoritative voice of the UK fashion industry – accessible wherever you are to help you make better-informed decisions quickly.

Insight to help inform your decisions:

Respond to breaking fashion news that matters, first

Enhance your buying list with seasonal specials, trade-show coverage and trend insight

Access the Drapers indicator to see what’s selling now

Use Draper’s industry analysis to see what your competitors are up to

Read opinions from experts in the field

Identify new opportunities in the changing landscape of the industry


Best Practice

Ever wished you had a head office? With Drapers’ best practice hub, expert advice is just a click away! Whether it’s budgeting, logistics, employment law or advice on how to maximise your PR, the best practice hub is your virtual head office, with departments providing support on all areas of your business.

In the Best Practice hub you'll find:

  • Expert guidance by department specialists
  • Practical ideas to maximise growth opportunities
  • New contacts for your business with the Brand and Indie directories
  • Handy tips for quick wins that will make a difference

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